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Hi, I'm Jill.
Come on in, but I'll warn you that the place is so two years ago, which is why I'm in the process of creating a new site.


What is this place? It's the former home of The Jill Margo Mini-Mag, an online writing project that I did for a couple of years. It's also where I'm able to share some of my other work on my writing page. 

Like I said though, things are a bit outdated here, so I'm
creating a new site (and starting new projects!) that'll be
launched in January 2018. In the meantime, consider this an
archive/portfolio site where you can have a bit of a snoop if

you're curious about me and my work. I'm still rattling around in the halls now and then, so do feel free to say hello.

Looking for my copywriting services for entrepreneurs? Please go here. I'm also the co-founder of GOOD, a workshop studio for writers and other independent creative workers who want to do good work + live good lives.

What People Have Said About The Jill Margo Mini-Mag

The Jill Margo Mini-Mag is David Sedaris crossed with a drunk Dear Abby. It’s the highlight of my inbox.
~ Julie Paul
Smart, sexy, pinkish, weird, bunnies, boxing gloves, and a bit of hide-under-the-bed anxiety in a tight little package of words.
~ Gina Leola Woolsey
Just when I thought I was alone, along comes Jill Margo to say: “We are all in this together.”
~ Beverley Cooper
I adore the mini-mag. It cured me of my general disillusionment about culture and writing in this over-stimulating, content-packed world. This is not “content”—it’s magic.
~ Sarah Selecky
Reading Jill Margo’s mini-mag is like meeting with a therapist who never makes you talk, but simply articulates what you’re struggling with and offers it up to you.
~ Emily Fraser-Jeffries
It’s incredibly refreshing to read about writing in a way that is not pedantic or pretentious—simply real, honest, and witty.
~ Lara Stokes
It’s good for me as the general manager—and a non-creative writer—at a very small publishing company to read about the life of a writer.
~ Kitty Lewis
Jill Margo makes me laugh. And cry. Sometimes simultaneously. Her writing is smart, sassy, and often the highlight of my week. Someday soon she’s going to be famous.
~ Adriana Bucz