Grown-up show & tell.

Discussed: everything from hermeneutic anxiety to man-meats.

Here's a sample of some of my published work (excluding Soft Burning, my chapbook of erotic poems written in my early 20s that's so mortifying that someone once returned a second-hand copy to me in a plain brown paper bag). Some of the images are links, so you can click on 'em to read more.

And, of course, there's also The Jill Margo Mini-Mag, but it has its own (now archival) page


"Wear Areas"

Women In Clothes, Blue Rider Pres, Penguin UK & S. Fischer Verlag, Fall 2014

I'm one of 639 contributors to this New York Times bestseller, edited by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, and Leanne Shapton. My page is right before Zosia Mamet's, which I think about every time I watch Girls

Discussed: my deformed toe; hand modelling; picking people up (literally); a high school bully; my dark beast.

Note: "Wear Areas" isn't available to read online, but you can read my answers to the Women In Clothes survey here.

"Getting Textual"

Geist, Summer 2010

In which I do a textual analysis of the Facebook note A. sent me when he first asked me out.

Discussed: lips like a pair of matching love seats; hermeneutic anxiety; my cat; Patsy Cline; pupaphobia; unconventional capitalization.

"Doormen Don't Hug: Inside the world of a female doorman"

Monday Magazine, December 2008

A cover story about my experience as a nightclub bouncer, which inspired hate mail from some dude who called himself "Gangster Nip". (And if you click through to the story, you'll see one of the creepiest ads you've ever seen on page two.)

Discussed: friends of T-Bone; ponytails; armpitty ganja-lovers and glittery jaw-grinders; recreational lesbianism; the gender whoop-up; man-meats; section-fives; command presence; catfights, scraps & brawls.


"How to Become a Mascot"

The Walrus, November 2015

A short-story from life about a  woman who works as a gingerbread man mascot for an outdoor shopping centre all the while grieving her dead beloved. 


"I Was Ginger-B: The true story behind a fictional story"

A personal essay in which I come out of the oven as a plush cookie. A Walrus web exclusive and companion piece to the short story.


"How Should A Writer Be?  | An Interview With Sheila Heti"

Numero Cinq, April 2013

My long interview with Sheila Heti, author of How Should a Person Be? 

Discussed: good luck; the amount of time to spend writing a book; other people's voices; psychoanalysis; blow jobs; Canada vs. America; freedom.

I kept thinking about this piece in the days after I read it, which is one way I knew it was good. —Julija Šukys, Judge, CBC Canada Writes Creative Nonfiction Prize
  • In 2013, "What Follows Beauty" was longlisted for CBC Canada Writes Creative Non-fiction Prize.
  • In 2011, "Mid-Fall" was shortlisted for The Malahat Review's Long Poem Prize.
  • In 2010, "Doormen Don't Hug" was shortlisted for a Western Magazine Award.

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Jill Margo has been long-listed for the CBC Canada Writes Creative Non-fiction Prize and a finalist for both a Western Magazine Award and The Malahat Review’s Long Poem Prize. She has been published in literary magazines such as Geist and The Walrus. Her in-depth interview with Sheila Heti can be found online at Numero Cinq. She’s also one of the contributors for the New York Times bestseller, Women In Clothes. She has over ten years of experience in literary admin, including as curator and host of two renowned reading series, and as the executive director of The Victoria School of Writing. She lives in Victoria, where she writes for herself and for clients, and is co-founder of GOOD, a workshop studio for writers and independent workers who want to do good work + live good lives.