What People Have Said About The Jill Margo Mini-Mag

The Jill Margo Mini-Mag is David Sedaris crossed with a drunk Dear Abby. It’s the highlight of my inbox.
~ Julie Paul
Smart, sexy, pinkish, weird, bunnies, boxing gloves, and a bit of hide-under-the-bed anxiety in a tight little package of words.
~ Gina Leola Woolsey
Just when I thought I was alone, along comes Jill Margo to say: “We are all in this together.”
~ Beverley Cooper
I adore the mini-mag. It cured me of my general disillusionment about culture and writing in this over-stimulating, content-packed world. This is not “content”—it’s magic.
~ Sarah Selecky
Reading Jill Margo’s mini-mag is like meeting with a therapist who never makes you talk, but simply articulates what you’re struggling with and offers it up to you.
~ Emily Fraser-Jeffries
It’s incredibly refreshing to read about writing in a way that is not pedantic or pretentious—simply real, honest, and witty.
~ Lara Stokes
It’s good for me as the general manager—and a non-creative writer—at a very small publishing company to read about the life of a writer.
~ Kitty Lewis
Jill Margo makes me laugh. And cry. Sometimes simultaneously. Her writing is smart, sassy, and often the highlight of my week. Someday soon she’s going to be famous.
~ Adriana Bucz