The Golden Rule: Do unto other writers as you'd have them do unto you. 

And let me tell you, I know how I like to be unto-ed, so you're in for a treat.

Instead of knitted log pillows or succulent terrariums, in my pop-up shop I provide literary services. I'll help you, writer-to-writer, the way I want to be helped.

When we work together I want you to feel seen, heard, and completely supported in your writing process. I'll help you be accountable. I'll be your literary companion and your champion, plus, I'm a great resource. I'll work with you on your craft, and on momentum, as you get your manuscript ready to send out into the world. 

At the moment (this season), I’m offering two services that are outlined below, with FAQs and information on how to register. Have questions or want to get to know me?  You can always pop-in and book a free 20-minute chat with me during special shop hours.



The Triple-C gets you a written critique and commentary on your fiction or creative nonfiction manuscript, as well as a 45-minute follow-up conversation via Skype.


You’ve written a draft of fiction or creative nonfiction that you’ve taken as far as you can. You might be stuck or stalled, or you might just need a fresh pair of peepers to help you turn it into something publishable. You’ve come this far and you definitely don’t want it to be forgotten in a lonely folder on your computer, but you might need a nudge to open it again and see where you can take it before you send it out.




I provide line edits, detailed comments in the margins, and a written summary at the end. Feedback is craft-oriented and designed to help you tell the best story you can. 


One of the best ways to engage with your work is to talk about it. During our follow-up call, we’ll expand on the written comments and discuss how to best achieve your aspirations for the work, as well as things to consider going forward as you get ready to find it a home. 


You fill out an online form telling me about the piece you want Triple C’d.

Within 24 hours, I get in touch and ask you to email me your piece. 

When I receive your manuscript, I invoice you. As soon as I receive your electronic payment, I get to work. Turn-around time is usually within one-week for work up to 25 pages.

I email you my written critique and commentary. We book our follow-up call to take place within the following week.  


I call you promptly at the time we've arranged. (I'll have already sent you a contact request on Skype that you'll need to accept).



As soon as you're ready, click the button below. You don't have to memorize the rest of the steps because I'll give you instructions and prompts along the way. Easy-peasy!



Shop Talk is centred on you as a writer. Think of it as a one-on-one writing workshop with some literary talk therapy thrown in (whether it’s for you or your characters). You can book one session to get you going (like a booster shot), or a whole series that can be tailored to help you get through a project.


Maybe you’re feeling isolated (you wouldn’t be the first writer). Or, maybe you just need someone to talk to about your work who isn’t your partner, your work colleague, or the cat. Maybe you’ve done group workshops before and what you really crave is something that’s focused directly on your own needs and processes. You might be facing blocks that you don’t know how to bust through. Or you have great ideas, but you need to talk them out to see how they land. And maybe you just need to carve out some time to treat yourself as a serious writer.  



A Shop Talk session means you have to show up for your writing. It’s available to you in a way that can provide structure to your writing practice. You have the option to submit work to me in advance of our chat, which you can use as a motivator to get work done (I'll be on the other end waiting). If you book more than one session, the sessions can be used to create regular deadlines and check-ins. 


Writing can be a lonely business and not all writers have access to other writers to talk to. Shop Talk is designed to make you feel less isolated. I’m an empathetic listener. I also have a breadth of knowledge and have been known to give decently wise counsel, with a little rah-rah-rah mixed in.


Shop Talk will immediately plug you into to an in-depth dialogue about your work. It’s like a one-on-one workshop that considers your process, as well as your writing. Things we might talk about: dealing with blocks; your core desires for the work; what you need to do to achieve those desires; developing ideas and working practices; craft, including elements such as character development, narrative, and structure.


After our session, I’ll send you a follow-up email with at least a couple of resources that are relevant to the conversation we had and that will help you keep moving forward.


You fill out an online form to let me know where you're at and what you want to get out of our session.

Within 24 hours, I get in touch and we schedule our session.

I send an invoice for you to pay electronically in advance of our session.

At least 24 hours in advance of our session, you have the option to email me up to 10 pages (double-spaced) of your work, which can inform part of our conversation.

I call you promptly at the time we've arranged. (I'll have already sent you a contact request on Skype that you'll need to accept).

After we talk, I send you a follow-up email within 24 hours with at least two resources that I think may help you move forward.


As soon as you're ready click on the button below. You don't have to memorize the rest of the steps because I'll give you instructions and prompts along the way. Easy-peasy!


Q: What’s your cred?

A: I’m a writer, so I get it. I do everything I can to be good at writing and to also know my industry. I’ll gladly share what I’ve learned with you. I’ve attended writing workshops for eight years, most recently at the MFA-level. I’ve worked as an independent editor. I’ve also worked in the literary arts for over a decade—as a curator and host of two reading series that presented hundreds of authors, and as the Executive Director of the Victoria School of Writing. Victoria, my former city, even voted me “Hardest Working Person In Local Literature”. If you want to know more about my writing, you can read my mini-mag (it always has a column about writing) and view my writing page.

Q: You charge by the page for The Triple-C, but what constitutes a page?

A: A page is letter-sized paper with one-inch margins and double-spaced text in a 12pt. font. And, by the by, I prefer that you submit your manuscript as a MS Word file. It'll come back to you as a MS Word file with tracked changes, as well as a PDF file.

Q: You’ll waive the $50 fee for The Triple-C if I submit more than 25 pages or for a revision draft?

A: I will indeed—and by revision draft, I mean another draft of a piece I’ve worked on with you before.

Q: I want to book a series of Shop Talk sessions. How do I make sure they’re tailored to my needs?

A: I suggest you book a free 20-minute consultation call and we’ll figure it out together so that the sessions are structured to meet those needs

Q: Why do you suggest I send you up to 10 pages of my writing prior to a Shop Talk session?

A: First off, you’re not under any obligation to. The idea is that the pages will give me a sense of your writing style and experience and can inform our conversation. You don’t need to worry if your submission is only an excerpt of what you’re working on or a very early draft. Although I’ll read it closely, we won’t be treating it as a finished piece to critique (that’s what The Triple-C service is for).

Q: If I book more than one Shop Talk session I get free email support between sessions?

A: Yes! When we plan how to tailor your sessions, we'll discuss how best to use that free support.

Q: What if I don’t have Skype?

A: First, I’ll try to encourage you to download it. It’s easy to use and free. Or, if you’re in Canada, we can chat on the phone if you prefer.

Q: Do I have to wash my hair before our Skype call?

A: Nope. We’ll do a voice-only call, no video.

Q: I still have questions. Can I email you?

A: Sure can! Clicky here. Or, even better, book a free 20-minute consultation call. I offer this to all my potential clients. I’m careful with my purchases and I understand if you are too. During a consultation call we can address any specific questions you have about how we might work together and we can see if we’re a good fit.


To re-cap, below are the three services I offer. Pick the one that appeals to you and click the appropriate action button. You’ll be smoothly directed through the process from there to get started and you, my friend, will have just done something great for yourself and your writing. 

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. ~Annie Dillard